FREE Helpful videos from Statewide Probate

These short videos could save you valuable time and money if you are selling real estate that requires a probate. In celebration of 10 years on the internet, we have created these free helpful videos. Our team of experienced probate attorneys would welcome the chance to team up with you to save your sale!

Homestead in Florida: Saving the Sale

Homestead is a unique asset in Florida, and you need an experienced Florida probate attorney to advise you on the documents and steps necessary to sell homestead real estate in Florida. Who can sign the deed for homestead? How long does probate take? This short 15-minute video will educate you on homestead real estate in Florida, as it relates to Florida probate.

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Investment Property & Florida Probate

Don’t let probate spoil the sale of your investment (non-homestead) property. Attorney Bruce McDonald explains how to make that sale happen! This short video will provide you with long-lasting knowledge.

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