Homestead and Florida Probate: We can save your sale!

Watch this short video to learn valuable information regarding homestead property and Florida probate. Find out critical information such as: when a probate is necessary, how long one takes, and who can sell homestead property in Florida.

Attorney Katie White emphasizes four main points in this video:

  1. Wedding rings are golden: you may not need a probate at all.
  2. There’s no place like homestead: why it is a unique asset in Florida.
  3. No homestead order, no closing: the order required for your sale, and
  4. It takes experience: let us help you through this process.

You shouldn’t lose your potential sale because of the requirement of a Florida probate. Our experienced probate attorneys have handled hundreds of Florida estates with homestead real property, and we have the knowledge necessary to help you save your sale, or clear the path for a smooth closing after the probate is completed.

Contact us today for a FREE 20-minute initial consultation and to find out how we can help you!

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