Think you know it all? Think again!

By: Katie White, Esq.
(850) 202-8535

Many of our clients are at least somewhat familiar with their relative’s finances when we first meet, or become so shortly after probate has begun.  But most of them don’t know about the repository of everything from uncashed refund checks to safe deposit box contents –  Florida’s Unclaimed Property Registry.  The website claims that you have a one in five chance of having unclaimed property with the State.  As a service to our clients, we often check this registry during the administration of their case, and often find assets that are waiting to be claimed.  If the funds sit unclaimed for too long (over 7 years), they ultimately go to the State of Florida.

Who knows- maybe you have something waiting to be claimed?  Visit to see if your loved one has additional assets unbeknownst to you.