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Florida Probate Attorneys

Florida probate law requires most executors of estates with property in the state to use a probate attorney.

Statewide Probate, a service of Pensacola law firms McDonald Fleming and DeMaria, de Kozan & White, Attorneys at law, provides legal services globally to executors of estates with property in Florida.

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Probate Administration Lawyers Serving All Counties

Our probate Lawyers and paralegals have assisted thousands of clients since 1999 with caring help, and have delivered substantial savings for many those with estates over $250,000. We assist executors for uncontested probate administration throughout all of Florida. We are located in Pensacola and accept estates in all 67 counties in the Sunshine State. The challenges and requirements involved vary tremendously county by county, and we tailor our price accordingly, based on the work needed, not the value of the estate.

Whether your estate requires probate administration in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers or West Palm Beach, Statewide Probate helps executors (called "personal representatives" in Florida) with "plain probate talk" and economical guidance. We are able to serve the entire state because with uncontested estates neither the executor nor the attorney has to actually go to court. Therefore, the personal representative does not need to live in Florida, and the attorney need not be near the courthouse.

Get the probate legal services that you need without paying unnecessary extra fees. Statewide Probate is the smart choice for Florida probate.

Offering Reasonable Attorney Fees for Florida Probate Cases

Florida probate lawyers are allowed to charge a fee of up to 3% of the value of the estate. As a result, executors may pay probate lawyers' fees that in some cases are excessive for the work needed: $15,000 to assist in transferring $500,000 in assets, or $30,000 for transferring $1 million in assets. We do not charge 3% for our probate and estate services. Our hourly rates or flat fees are based upon the work your estate requires.

This short video could save you
thousands in legal fees
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