Knowledgeable Florida Estate Lawyer Answers Probate Questions

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General Probate and Estate Questions

Clients throughout Florida wonder if they need a probate lawyer to handle their estates. Some questions involve determining the best way to file probate, timelines and estate taxes. Get answers to some common Florida probate estate administration questions.

Questions about Joint Accounts and Probate

Many families have joint accounts and real estate holdings but are unsure what needs to happen if one owner dies. Learn more about joint accounts and Florida probate administration.

Questions about Finding a Probate Lawyer

Except in rare occasions, executors or personal representatives of an estate need an attorney to open probate in Florida, but some are unsure if they need to use the same law firm that drew up the will or a local attorney. They are also unsure of the costs involved in hiring a probate lawyer in the state. Find out what you need to know about hiring a Florida probate attorney.

Questions about Wills

Not everyone who dies has a will and in some cases, family members question the contents of a will. See answers to some frequently asked questions about wills and probate in Florida.

Probate Costs and Time Requirements Questions

The process for probate administration in Florida can take both time and money. Get more information on filing deadlines, costs, and length of the probate process in the state.

Get a Free Consultation with a Skilled Probate Lawyer

Once you have reviewed the answers to these frequently asked questions, you may discover that you need a Florida Probate Attorney with experience with probate and estates. Please schedule a free consultation with a Florida probate lawyer to determine the best method for handling your estate administration.