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Florida Real Estate and Homestead LawyersMany Florida estates involve transferring real property (that is, land and houses) to the heirs of the estate, or involve a sale of property by the estate during probate administration. Florida probate law varies depending on the type of property. It is important to get guidance from an experienced Florida Real Estate Probate and Homestead Property Attorney.  At Statewide Probate , we understand the complexities of this area of law and the statutes that guide the process.  Get top-rated legal assistance – Get Statewide Probate .

Probate Property Real Estate Transactions

With several attorneys experienced in real estate law, including Katie White on our Statewide Probate team, our Pensacola firm handles real estate transactions in many Florida counties. In other counties, we can help you locate a local closing company that can assist you with the sale of your property either during or after the Florida probate administration.

Florida Homestead Property Probate Rules

If the deceased’s real estate is considered their “homestead”, the state of Florida applies certain unique rules to the transfer of the property. The homestead property exemption was created to protect families from being displaced from their home; however, there are many special rules to this probate property law. To learn if the property in your estate is considered homestead property, it is best to speak with a knowledgeable Florida probate attorney.

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Statewide Probate offers fair fees for probate administration cases. To find out if our lawyers can assist you and save you money, schedule a free 20-minute probate consultation. Our attorneys will be able to determine if your probate property falls under the Florida homestead property exemption.