The Function of the Florida Personal Representative in Florida Wrongful Death Cases

For many years, Florida personal representatives have had an important role in the prosecution of a wrongful death case, because he or she is charged by Florida statute with the duty of pursuing claims on behalf of both the estate and the survivors. Allocation of any settlement between such survivors and the estate can be… read more

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Inherited Money Generally Not Taxable

“Do I have to pay Federal Income Tax on my inheritance?” Clients are constantly asking us if their inheritances are subject to federal income tax, and with certain exceptions such as IRAs with deferred tax portions, the answer is usually no. Neither Florida nor the federal government will impose a tax on you for inheriting… read more

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Finally, a book to recommend

People often ask us if we can recommend estate administration or estate planning services, software or books, and we’ve been looking, honestly. Sadly, the answer is usually “no.” Florida law has just enough oddities that anything written for a national audience almost always fails to spot all the places where Florida law differs. But we’re… read more

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