Finally, a Book to Recommend

People often ask us if we can recommend estate administration or estate planning services, software or books, and we’ve been looking, honestly. Sadly, the answer is usually “no.” Florida law has just enough oddities that anything written for a national audience almost always fails to spot all the places where Florida law differs. But we’re still reviewing and will let you know if we find something we like.

Meanwhile, we did find a good book on organizing all the information and records that many modern Americans come to possess. It’s called Get It Together – Organize Your Records So Your Family Won’t Have To, by Nolo Press: and it’s also available on Amazon and other online stores.

The book is quite comprehensive, and it’s easy to read. It comes with software on a CD-ROM at the back of the book. Much of the information discussed is critical for executors of estates to know and will make the job of your executor much easier.

There is one group who should definitely find the time to compile all this information – retirees. This book would make a great retirement present to a loved one, and in some cases might be a welcome task for someone who finds themselves suddenly with “nothing to do.” For those of you who are already organized, this will help you do a more complete job.